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The StorkSearch Adoption Program          

Homestudy available for Maine couples as well as supply information to couples out of state. Call or email for more information. 

StorkSearch offers a birthmother referral program, unlike any other program, for waiting parents hoping to connect with a birthmother considering an adoption plan for her unborn child. Once a match is made between compatible parties and both parties agree to move forward with the adoption plan, the referral will be given to the prospective adopting parents. Click here to read more about our adoption programs.

Attn: New York Adopting Couples
We can offer you advertising. Please contact us for more info.

Adoption Financing

Adoption is often unpredictable. Prospective birth mothers, with the best intentions of placing their child for adoption, do sometimes change their minds. If this occurs, StorkSearch provides referrals for up to (1) one year or at which time a child is adopted. We know it's heartbreaking when an adoption plan doesn't work out. StorkSearch offers a "priority referral" to waiting parents having gone through this experience to help expedite another situation.

Our Services

1. We will find you to find the most cost effective, timely agency to complete your home study.
2. While you are completing your home study we will be networking with agencies/attorneys across the
United States to locate potential birthmothers, as well as placing advertising in all forms of media
throughout the United States. We have a large pool of resources from which to pull.
4. We will assist you in putting your portfolio and Dear Birthmother letter together to be available and mail
(and email) ready.
5. We will help you in finding cost effective travel, legal representation for you and the birthparents,
counseling for the birth family, and housing for the birth family if necessary.
6. We will be there to help with communications, if wanted, between you and the birth family.
7. We will be there to help if needed with any post placement questions, and help you solve any problems
that may arise.
10. We offer yellow Page advertising throughout the United States.
11. We offer various forms of media advertising throughout the United States.

StorkSearch reaches prospective birthmothers by advertising cooperatively in Pennysavers, Yellow Pages,
dailies, shoppers, use of internet & networking with adoption agencies, medical clinics & attorneys.
Cooperative advertising is a just that, cooperative. Money is used for past, present and future advertising.
Birthmother contacts will be taken on our 24 hour toll-free number. Intake information will be gathered.
Waiting parents will be given birth mother referrals based on date of contract and the prospective
birthmother's requests. StorkSearch works with waiting parents one-on-one to determine their adoption
wishes. The average waiting period for adoptive parents to be matched is 3-12 months - depending on


Phone: 1-888-316-8575
E-mail: help@connectionsinfo.com 


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*StorkSearch is a division of Connections Adoption Services, Inc.
All programs will be done in accordance to state law in yours or the birthmother's residing state.
Stork Search or it's affiliates do not discriminate against same sex marriages/couples wanting to adopt.

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